Accidental Gangster

September 8, 2015
The accidental gangster He was a person who threw tantrum and liked people Enjoys chocolate and syrup made of maple People thought he was a triad Even those who were All he cared about going to college get the grades and have a nice car Not to mention some one to fall in love Like to happy birds of dove In the course of history because of his tantrum and academic prowess He got into many mess And image portrayed of a g a ka gangster Done a bit of role play As when his friend colleagues goes I know its your rep Thought wow acted it though rep was true Ha ha was part of mcd crew The one who hated a person He hated this person because his brain was built like that Tried on people because he thought they were phat Got it wrong as he was not all that They say what goes round come round A person who he upset made a big sound There were strange and wonderful people in new planet and cities Apart from people like this Ones who can do magic so powerful and great they In the time of affray U stand still Can’t move and then they kill Wow so hungry magic beef steak from a cow If only yes They can do that magic wand meat is here for them bless Thannnn again order a takeaway And like magic we eat whatever we want and here when we say
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