Working on a number of area including and training in DJing, making music,acting,extra,modelling and more.

I take an active interest in radio since a young age. I am also developing myself as an artist/supporting artist and therefore hoping to work with Casting Agency Guys @ Dolls for TV work.

  • I have a portfolio of 60 plus professional pictures which was taken by Hara Dhami, I attended their workshop lead by Deana Uppal and Hara Dhami,
  • I have completed a Vjing course with Iconic Productions UK LTD. The Director and the teacher of the course is Asad Shan who also is the presenter on Brit Bollywood on Zing TV, I would also regard him as my mentor. My show reel has been done with Iconic Productions

  • I have been accepted for Round 2 face of Sharon couture competition 

    I have completed a Radio Presenting course led by Radio 1 Producer

  • I have good all round skills, I like to learn and always willing to take on challenges. I am enthusiastic, like to make things happen and achieve goals. I have very good analytical skills and good problem solving abilities. I have strong transitional and planning skills and good problem solving abilities.

  • I am with Tamasha Theatre Company as Developing Artist and also I am currently represented by Freshagents in their TV extra/Male Artist divison. I gave my own contribution to 'Young person guide to East London' aswell. 

  • Representing the Jack Petchy Foundation at The Lord Mayors Show 2009. I was flag bearer in representing the numerous nationalities who live in the UK                                                                   It was memorable day which lasted the whole day, watched by 500,000 in the streets and televised throughout the UK. Jack Petchey asked to represent them to boost their profile as well as experiencing a wonderful event which raises awareness of the diversity of nationalities who live in the London




    Dob: Mar 1983
    Collar size: 15'
    Height: 5'5''   
    Chest: 36''
    Waist: 30"
    IInside leg: 30''
    Shoe size: 9''
    Eye colour: Brown
    Hair Colour: Black
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