It is not the aim to produce an exhaustive piece of literature, rather this is a merely a brief overview of Kalam' life, CEO and Founder of Creative Concept Youth 

Biography of Abdul Kalam


Abdul Kalam was born in the year 1983 in Bangladesh, Sylet in the village of Hasham Pur the house of his grandfather. 

Through his journey as young person he had the privilege of meeting and being friends with many celebrities who have moved on to do other things

Regarding his behavior towards his friends and relatives he stays neutral and believes that they are people that we should enjoy their company and honor them. 

Abdul Kalam came to this country when he was a small baby 40 days old and lived at many address in London. Living at Hackney from the age of 6 years – 10 years of age was a period when he learnt the skills of survival and respecting people who do wrong to you. 

There was great enjoyment as well as that was a period that he learnt poetry, 

At the age of 11 years of age he attended Little Ilford School from the period of 1994-1999. That was a most momentous period for him because he loved the teachers and environment he stayed there for so long enduring he negative aspects in that time to sit all his GCSE's and getting an al round education.

From year 8 on wards he was looking to form friendships and have some kind of childhood friends so he went out there looking people to hang about, those times were very adventurous as he went out of his comfort zone risking making mistakes. He persevered as his intention was genuine.

When he had work experience at job centre his confidence grew and spoke more as he was extremely shy and did not speak much. When he lived in East Ham in Newham he went to a youth centre in Eastham and there he met and made many friends and the good pleasure he got them times, it was a time of learning, adventure, going through many experiences as well. Abdul Kalam learnt a great deal from them. Everyday he went out and made friends with many others

From the age of 16 years of age to 19 years he attended Newham Sixth Form College he studied Media and came out with Btec National Diploma in Media.

He finished college to take some rest, left McDonalds’ and Tesco to improve his religion, health and life. Dedicated his time to work in the community and for personal development.  

 Kalam's words of wisdom, understand the meaning? : )

'' If you do good you do it for yourself, do not expect anyone to acknowledge or appreciate it'

“This whole aspects life is based on religion, i.e. life is full of problems and obstacle in translated as life is full of test and tribulations"

“there are in society which is bad which you want to acquire, go about getting it the right way without upsetting anyone physically and emotionally"

“It is dangerous to change yourself, more about going for a path of moral perfection and not hurting anyone"