We are a distributor of 
Pay As You Go simcards to independent 
retailers in UK.

We supply a small number of  retail sealed, 
bar-coded SIM card packs for major networks 
to our retail partners, individuals,soletraders,limited companies, ebay power/sellers and business which have been trading for at least 2 years

Retailers are not obligated to us in any way 
and there is no contract to sign.

We offer refunds only if faulty or not received, customer keeps the simcard as there is no return address to send them back. If there is a large order the refund be pro rata to cover our cost

We may offer sims for free depending what our supplier is offering us as we may make commission by when sims are topped up by £10. If this is the case please be willing to top up before ordering as if this does not happen we may not get more sims from our suppliers.

Any simcards sold by Bargain-Sims we shall put down any terms and conditions which is relevant to the offer

Our profit from sims are around 6% from a pound. We try and be competitive as many are in the sim business, which we do not mind as we have  our niche customer base. Because when we are in short supply we would buy sims from them and they come to us as well. 

Bargain-Sims only responds by email, we can guarantee customer satisfaction because customer is paying by PayPal and this is the only method of payment acceptable to us safe for both seller and buyer. Any rare disputes with Bargain-Sims can be resolved through PayPal

The way we do business on Bargain Sims

1. We sell sim cards and products on this page of  Creative Concept Youth social enterprise which Bargain-Sims is part of and through Ebay,Amazon and other channels 

2. Customer can request how much sim cards they require and what price they are willing to pay. By email we shall respond and agree on a suitable prices which is good for both sides.

3. We contact our supplier and list the sim cards/products if they are available on this page which is then be purchased through Paypal to be purchased by the buyer and sent out in the normal way which is usually through 1st. 2nd class post. In the situation of large orders recorded delivery is used. This is all confirmed before the buyer makes the purchase

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  • Simcards - Retailer and wholesaler 1-100,000+
  • Buying and selling products 1-100,000+
  • General merchandise for consumers
  • Unique service - tell us what you want and we find you the link

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